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So, LOVERS day, also known as Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. 18 days to be exact! What are you doing to spoil your lovely lady? Let me be clear by saying I am not a huge proponent of this Hallmark holiday. BUT – I am a hopeless romantic so any day that encourages celebrating & LOVING your significant other, I can totally get behind!

I’ve got a few suggestions for those of you looking for ideas. Maybe you know exactly how you’ll spend your day but I’ll share my thoughts on some amazing local vendors & gifts anyhow. One day you might need them!

No one has ever said NO to chocolate! EVER! Am I right? So first up is chocolate goodies from Small Cakes in Collierville! Locally owned & operated this is the shop for all things sweet! I’m telling you right now … THE JUICE IS WORTH THE SQUEEZE! GO!!!

Next up – gentleman – ladies love to feel good in their skin! I promise!! So head over to Bella Vita for some dreamy PJ Harlow silky PJ’s & I swear you will not regret it. I have never been a PJ’s gal & well, I LOVE mine. You cannot go wrong here!

Let’s talk FOOD! The way to a man’s heart is through his belly, right? Um, the ladies like delicious food too! SO – that being said, any of the restaurants owned by our local friends Michael Hudman & Andrew Ticer are a no brainer! Who doesn’t like to be wined & dined? UM THIS GIRL DOES! YUMMY!
Andrew Michael Kitchen
Catherine & Mary’s
The Gray Canary
Hog & Hominy ( currently closed for renovations – check back later! )

Looking for a way to spoil your lady for a day of pampering? Awesome idea! The ladies at La Bella in Germantown have your back! Don’t know what to get? That’s ok! Just ask for the ” I don’t know what to get” facial! I’m not making it up! It’s a real thing! All the ladies there know exactly how to make us feel refreshed & gorgeous so let them do the work!

Now, let’s say you are more of a “DIY” man. First off, kuddos to you! Seriously! I appreciate time & effort more than any tangible gift. So, if you need a delicious and amazingly unique meal idea that you don’t need a chef to make for you, Cara is your gal! Head over to Caramelized & find one of her recipes. I have seen this food first hand & I have eaten it. YOU can do it & it will not disappoint. If you choose this route – Bella Vita can hook you up with some gorgeous wine glasses ( don’t forget the wine fellas ) or some new platters that are sure to make your ladies happy!

Last but not least – FLOWERS! Flowers are always a popular go to for Valentine’s Day. We all know this! “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it!” Please do me a favor and call “The Green Team” at Lynn Doyle Flowers! They WILL deliver on time, they WILL be stunning, and they WILL NOT come in a box! Do it, now! Flowers in a box DO NOT say I love you! Trust me on this!

Now, there are 100 and 1 other fantastic ideas out there to celebrate your Queen on Valentine’s Day but if you choose to shop around – I encourage you to SHOP LOCAL! Because Memphis is great AND our 901 business owners are great too!

Cheers y’all! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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