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Ask anyone what one of the most memorable parts of a wedding reception is, and she’ll say “the cake!”

Today I’m sharing an interview with Kipp Holmes, a Memphis wedding cake baker, who has created a reputation for stylish and delicious cakes! Enjoy!

Q: How long have you been creating wedding cakes, and how did you get started? 

A: I started baking cakes about 14 years ago when I saw a cake in a book that I wanted to try to make for my daughter. It turned out nothing like the picture, but her friends loved it, and their mothers started calling me to bake their daughters’ cakes.

A friend approached me about 4 years later and asked me to make her wedding cake.  I was scared to death, but it turned out nicely, and several people from her reception called me.  From then, I made a handful of wedding cakes until three years ago when I booked 53 for the year.  Last year I tried baking both birthday and wedding cakes, and I booked 91 wedding cakes for the year.

I finally decided giving up making birthday cakes at the beginning of this year to concentrate on weddings only.  To date, I have 127 weddings cakes for 2017 and am booked the remainder of the year.


Q:  What are the biggest trends in wedding cakes/desserts right now? Which one/s are your favorite?

A: Trending right now, I find, are the cakes with “lines” cut through the icing and the “naked”cake.  I love them both – they are easy to frost! Ha!  Rustic weddings are very in style, and these two cakes work beautifully with this theme.

Q:  What should brides focus on when it comes to choosing their wedding cake?

A: When a bride chooses her wedding cake, she needs to focus on taste as much as design. She needs to remember that not all her guests have the same taste palate as herself, therefore, choosing a tier which might not be her favorite flavor can be a good idea for her guests.  Besides, the newly married couple will not be eating much.

Q: What makes a wedding cake stand out from the rest?

A: While you want the cake to taste amazing, you certainly want it to be the centerpiece of your reception. I’ve always looked to see the cake when I arrived at a reception, even before I started baking.  And, again, taste is very important.  If the cake is good, guests will compliment it to the families of the bride and groom which, in turn, will make them appreciate the baker and their hard work in putting a beautiful and delicious cake together even more.

Q:  Tell us how you stand out from your competitors?

A: I’m not one to brag, and it drives me crazy when my husband does when delivering and setting up cakes, but, my cakes are moist and fresh.  I bake only a couple of days before the wedding, never bake a couple of weeks out and freeze.

   I offer many flavors of cakes and fillings without charging extra for different tiers being different flavors.  But, I think what my couples (and caterers) like the most is….I bake a separate anniversary cake for them to freeze.  The small cake is decorated like the top tier of the big cake.  It’s boxed and ready to freeze.  This way, they won’t have holes in it from cake toppers or flowers, or handprints from someone trying to box the cake for them.  And, caterers can cut the entire cake without having to try to save the top tier.  I do not charge for this anniversary cake…it is my gift to the couple for them having me bake for their day!
Thank you, Kipp, for sharing with us a behind-the-scenes look at what you do!!!  If you would like to look at the wide range of cakes Kipp has made, check-out her website and availability at Kipp Cakes.


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