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We’ve all been there. “I have nothing to wear.”

Maybe this isn’t such a crisis because you really just want a cute outfit to wear out on a Friday night with your girlfriends, but HELLOOO!! You are getting engagement pictures made tomorrow, and (I repeat, with emphasis) YOU HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR.

Maybe there are a plethora of clothes busting out the seams of your closet and drawers, but you quite literally, in this moment, have absolutely nothing to wear.

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I understand. I’ve been there. We all have.

Whether you are getting senior, graduation, engagement, family, or any other type of professionally done photography, you need something to wear. You want to look and feel like the beauty that you are, and as a woman, the outfit can make or break your confidence.

So here are a handful of simple tips to take into account when searching for what to wear in these treasured photos that will last a lifetime, or two.

No pressure.

Okay, hear me out. The truth is, you do have something to wear. I promise.

  1. My first tip is this: look in your closet with fresh eyes to see your worn clothes as new.

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They may take on a whole new look, especially if you decide to actually wash them. But really, pick out some of your favorite clothing items, your go-to items, if you will. Have an open mind about the clothes that you already have. They have feelings, too.

With that being said, it’s totally appropriate to treat yo self!

There’s just something about getting a new shirt or dress or shoes specifically for an event or photography session that makes you feel like straight up royalty.

2. So after you have taken into account your worn clothes and given them a fair chance, branch out into your favorite stores if it’s in your budget to do so.

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And remember, you don’t have to buy a whole new wardrobe to feel like royalty for the day. Even the smallest item like a new pair of shoes or earrings can add that fresh feeling of squeaky clean sparkle that gives you confidence walking into a photo session.

So let’s say you really don’t have any money to spend on something new, but your worn clothes just aren’t whispering sweet nothings to you anymore. What do you do?

3. Borrow something!

What the heck are gal friends for? Many things. Many, many, wonderful things, but unless you can’t exactly confirm where your closet ends and theirs begins, are you really that great of friends!? Something that they may be SO over could be something you feel like a total babe in. It may be old to them, but it’s new to you.

No, they won’t mind. If anything, they’ll be thrilled and honored to have you wear their clothes in something that is so important to you.

At the end of the day, your outfit will most likely be a combination of previously worn, brand spankin’ new, and borrowed items, which leads me into my last and most important point. My final and favorite token of advice should be interwoven throughout the whole process of finding the right outfit, from start to finish.

4. It’s this: Be yourself, through and through.

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We all have our own styles and what we feel comfortable and most like ourselves in. Maybe it’s just me and my weird love for clothes, but every once in a while I’ll stumble into a store, and a shirt or dress or anything random will literally call my name, and I can’t take my eyes off of it, and I get really possessive of it, and I’m convinced it’s looking into my very soul saying, I was made for you.

Don’t judge me. It’s real.

Or sometimes my friends say, “That is SO you.”

 Wear those things.

Wear the thing that is SO you.

Because looking back ten years later when the outfit you were wearing is so utterly out of style you can’t believe you actually wore it in public, you will deeply appreciate the fact that you were truly yourself in wearing it.

You weren’t trying to be something you weren’t.

You are the most beautiful and free when you are comfortable in being yourself. And that beauty is vibrant and powerful and will burst through in the photos like a bright gem containing a thousand colors for the world to admire.

I hope this helps turn your “I have nothing to wear” into “I have something to wear”. It may just take a little time and searching, but I know you are going to look like a million, trillion bucks.

That’s a fact.









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