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This week for our #protiptuesday we got the honor of talking with Ashlye from Ashlye McCormick Design. Her designs are always so original and beautiful. And, boy! Did she have some AMAZING insight! It is so fun when I get to learn new things with my readers each week! Let’s get to a little Q&A.

Q: You are known for your stunning floral arrangements, but you also do much more than just flowers. What is your favorite part about the whole design aspect of weddings?

A: Flowers are very integral in the design aesthetic, but there are so many other things that make the look complete… linens, lighting, containers/vessels, etc. I love to use unique items and think outside the box to make the bride’s vision come to life!


Q: What do you think will be the biggest floral trend of 2016?

A: Natural aspects, lots of foliage, and many things that add texture and movement to arrangements. This makes me very happy!! There are many “floral” products that are not flowers but can make a huge impact on design. Example: Pieris Japonica, Fresh Lotus Pods, berries of all shapes and colors, I could go on and on…


Q: What trends are you ready to see go away this year?

A: Honestly, I haven’t been so overwhelmed with any one thing… most brides are learning to be open to the professionals input and design ideas!


Q: How do you handle a situation when a bride simple must have a type of flower that will not be in season during her wedding?

A: The simple truth is that if you use a knowledgeable florist, they are sourcing their product from around the world… which means there are very few things that are truly seasonal. I may have to explain that the White Peony may not be as large and may be a little more expensive, but we can get our hands on them. At that point the bride can weigh her odds!


Q: What is the most creative use of flowers you have gotten to work on recently?

A: I have always loved doing flowers to wear!! We created a whole dress with a local fashion designer and I always love adding an unexpected floral addition to a bride; a belt, train, necklace.

Q: If you could give one piece of advice to brides about picking their florals for their wedding day, what would it be?

A: Choose a style and a look that you love, then ask the professional how they would make it work for your day! The venue, time of year, time of day, so many things can affect how florals should be designed to fit the event.

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Thank you so much, Ashlye, for sharing your words of wisdom! We love getting to shoot events with your designs because we know we will have great subjects to focus on!


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